Ja Muje will chair a quarterly Round-table hosting two participants each from key affected states based on the sector being addressed. The Round-table format will bring stakeholders from all tiers of that sector to present short term, achievable projects with a framework and action plan as to how it can be implemented and how we can synergize to mobilize resources for the project to be actualized. Independent consultants will be contracted in the states for evaluation before the final presentation and launch of the project. The primary focus here is to provide support for individuals already on the field doing projects with high impact, and creating experiences that will provide platforms for their communities to compete favorably on the global stage.



These discussions will analyze effective models and localize them, find the benefits and fit it to work in our communities. We will be focusing on  private and public networks, and building a community of smart minds.

We would also look at foreign embassies and multi lateral agencies with presence and investments in the region; their contributions to national development, with investments for physical and social impact, what role they played, funding or technical support and prescribed strategic development plan, and any approach generally adoptable for achieving rehabilitation, development and empowering of the people.









To find out more about the Round Table, send your Inquiries to contact@jamuje.ng with the subject Ja Muje.


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